Your Love Saves Lives Campaign Completion - Historic Support Shown for Homeless Pets!

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In June of 2018 we announced the final phase of our $5 million dollar campaign to support progressive, lifesaving programming at Pima Animal Care Center. Through grants and donations to both PACC and Friends of PACC, and through generous support of many private, individual donors and foundations, we are excited to share that we have reached the $5 million dollar goal for our Your Love Saves Lives: Investing in PACC Programs for Today and Tomorrow campaign!

This was only possible with support from donors and advocates like you!

A Thank You from Friends of PACC’s Executive Director

Dear Friends,

I am so thankful to share that PACC and Friends of PACC achieved our $5 million campaign goal to invest in programs to save more pets! It is only because of compassionate and generous people like you who said yes to the call for help. You made financial gifts, shared stories, fostered pets, volunteered at the shelter—and so much more.

Thank you to our campaign council for leadership gifts of time, talent, and treasure. Thank you especially to Julia Strange and Matt Smith for their guidance and support. Thank you to my predecessors who envisioned this campaign and acquired early significant support. Leadership gifts from Maddie’s Fund®, PetSmart Charities, and Petco Foundation shaped our Pet Support Network and foster programs. Their gifts allowed us to hire additional staff and provide direct assistance to those who would otherwise surrender their pets. 

With your gifts, Friends of PACC was able to hire an additional vet and two vet techs. Your gifts purchased life-saving medications, neonatal kitten supplies, and granted over 77 pets life-saving surgeries. Your gifts bought thousands of collars and leashes to set adopters up for success. 

At the same time, Friends of PACC has worked on building a foundation for the future—negotiating agreements with Pima County, developing a strong board, crafting budgets and strategic plans, hiring staff and, most importantly, working side by side with PACC. 

Finally, none of this would have been possible without Chuck Huckelberry, Jan Lesher, the Board of Supervisors, and Dr. Francisco García, who said “We can and must do way better for our community pets.”  

Thanks to all of you who care so deeply for PACC Pets. We are just getting started!

Jennifer Camano, CFRE
Friends of PACC Executive Director

Take a deeper look into this historic campaign and all the lifesaving services, programs, and equipment it has already been funding and will continue to fund. The infographic below outlines the categories that campaign funding is divided into.

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Financial Breakdown - How is the $5 Million Divided?

The pie chart below illustrates a dollar for dollar breakdown of where the $5 million dollars are being allocated.

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Campaign Supported Categories Expanded

Let’s take a closer look at how each category is supporting homeless pets at PACC.


Funds raised in the Lifesaving Programs category support increasing resources for adoption, fostering, and volunteering; community cat services; dog behavior and enrichment; and cat care and enrichment. As part of our campaign, both Friends of PACC and PACC have been awarded several large grants from Maddie’s Fund®, a national family foundation established by Dave and Cheryl Duffield to revolutionize the status and well-being of companion animals. These grants allowed PACC to build and expand a successful foster program through the hiring of several, full-time foster coordinators.

Thanks to this critical funding, PACC has sent a record number of pets into foster homes in : 5,080 in one year—a national record—and one that’s directly saving lives.

The foster programming at PACC has been so successful that Maddie’s Fund® granted Friends of PACC with multiple grants over $120,000 to teach animal welfare staff from all over the country how to replicate PACC’s foster program. You can learn more about these specific grants and how PACC has become a national leader by clicking here.

The campaign raised a total of $1,195,540 for Lifesaving Programs.



The Community Engagement category seeks to bolster Pima Animal Care Center’s outreach efforts. PACC is a critical community resource, but awareness still needs to be raised as to what services they provide. Campaign funds in this category have dramatic impact on Pima County. One of several programs supported by these funds is the Pet Support Network at PACC, including the Pet Support hotline.

The Pet Support hotline receives over 8,000 calls per month from community members in need. Most calls are from neighbors in crisis who need help with their pets. By providing advice, resources, and information, this hotline helps keep thousands of pets in their homes every year. This also includes a monetary fund to provide relief for families in need of veterinary, boarding, and housing services. Empowering and educating pet owners is what this service is all about. We want to keep pets in their homes!

The campaign raised $1,224,000 for Community Engagement.



Donations to the Animal Care Excellence portion of the campaign invests in low-cost spay and neuter services, non-mandated shelter activities, and staff and volunteer training. A portion of this funding helps PACC partner with low-cost spay and neuter services like those provided by AWASA.

A non-mandated shelter activity includes things like after-hours emergency veterinary care. For example, when PACC Animal Protection Officers save an injured pet in an emergency that occurs after shelter hours, this extra financial support enables officers to bring injured animals to local emergency vet clinics.

The campaign raised $1,340,000 for Animal Care Excellence.



The Your Love Saves Lives campaign supports the veterinary team at PACC in many ways. In addition to providing outside, specialty vet consultations to PACC pets in need, funds also support staffing in the clinic. Friends of PACC enables PACC to go above and beyond the nationally recognized care they’re already working to provide. Through the support of generous, private donors, Friends of PACC hired a fourth full-time veterinarian and two full-time veterinary technicians to help care for the hundreds of animals seen by PACC vets every single day.

The campaign raised $712,000 for Exceptional Veterinary Care.



Pima Animal Care Center has made monumental strides in the last several years, reaching an historical 90% save rate for2018. PACC is no longer the county “pound,” but a shelter for animals in need, and a resource for people in our community. The cost of this campaign enabled fundraising efforts through individual donor cultivation, grant writing, and other community outreach events, as well as bolstering the creation of a sustainable 501(c)(3) non-profit partner in Friends of PACC. As the official non-profit partner to Pima Animal Care Center, Friends of PACC seeks to provide a transparent and direct source of funding that takes animal care at our shelter above and beyond the county mandate.

The campaign raised $307,000 for Campaign Costs.

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Where We Are Today

Our community cares about pets. You prove it again and again when you step up to the plate to help care for homeless, neglected, and abused pets. Whether through spreading the word on available resources, volunteering time and talents, or making charitable gifts—Pima County is working tirelessly to save the lives of these animals. Thank you for being a part of the journey to a better Pima County for pets and people.

Thank you for loving the homeless pets at Pima Animal Care Center!

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Sara Wolfe Vaughan