How are you different from Pima Animal Care Center?

We are the nonprofit fundraising partner for Pima Animal Care Center, our county animal shelter. We exist solely to support Pima Animal Care Center’s work, and our vision is that every pet who enters PACC will be supported with the resources needed to find a loving home. We started the Friends to help shelter staff get the lifesaving services, equipment and supplies they need to save more lives at our community’s only shelter that never turns away a pet in need. 

If you want to adopt a pet, please DO visit Pima Animal Care Center! You can see the shelter’s hours, locations and available pets here.

Why not just donate Pima Animal Care Center itself?

Donations directly to Pima Animal Care Center are appreciated, since caring for 20,000 each year animals routinely outstrips available resources, particularly since the County has committed to reducing its euthanasia rate. Every gift made to the shelter helps ensure more resources are available to continue healing animals with treatable conditions.

Our nonprofit offers more flexibility, however, since it is not encumbered by the same procurement restrictions that governments must adhere to, such as spending limits and pre-approved vendors. While our advisory board is prudent with our resources, we are able to respond quickly when needs arise to make an immediate impact for our pets.

Why support Pima Animal Care Center?

PACC is the only open-admission shelter in the 9,000+ miles of Pima County—this means that they never turn away a pet in need. They also focus solely on local pets, meaning that they don’t transfer in animals from outside of Pima County. While many communities outside of Pima County need help, there is a great and present need in Pima County that must be addressed.

Why does PACC need private donations since it already receives government funding?

Municipalities must balance many other needs, from public safety to public health, transportation, libraries, parks, utilities and administrative services. Pima County has supported significant improvements in its sheltering operations in the past few years, but additional resources are necessary to treat neglected, abandoned, abused, and injured pets and keep them safe from illness while in PACC’s care.

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What do donations to Friends of PACC help with?

Donations to Friends of PACC help to bridge the gap between County mandated care and that extra bit of love needed to save our most vulnerable pets. Some efforts supported by Friends include...

·         Increasing PACC’s medical staff and purchase essential medical supplies and medications so PACC veterinarians can care for all savable pets.

·         Expanding PACC’s Community Support Services to protect vulnerable pets, and give owners, fosters, and adopters the resources they need to provide compassionate care as a pet guardian.

·         Enhancing PACC’s Foster and Adoption Programs so that the most at-risk pets can be saved and find loving adoptive and foster homes or rescue placements.

·         Bolstering PACC’s programs for shelter cats, including systematic medical monitoring, enrichment, and specialized placement for non-social cats.

And More!

Which pets benefit from donations?

Donations have the potential to benefit every animal in the PACC shelter. However, the need is great with over 16,000 animals coming through PACC doors every year. Friends works closely with shelter directors, staff, and volunteers to ensure that funds are prioritized to pets and programs with the greatest needs.

Didn't Prop 415 raise enough money for PACC?

Approval of Prop 415 paved the road to save thousands of lives.  The bond, however, only covered renovation and new construction of PACC's facilities. This was a crucial step in getting where we are today, but now we must continue to implement progressive programming to provide community resources, keep people and pets healthy, and provide pets with the best possible chance at finding a home.

How has Friends of PACC already raised over $4.25 million dollars?

In addition to donations sent directly to PACC, and successful grants to PACC, the Friends of PACC has been working for over a year with community leaders, local businesses and corporations, PACC volunteers, and existing donors to raise most of the funds needed. Now, we're looking to the broader community to close the final gap.

How long will the money from the Your Love Saves Lives campaign support PACC programs?

The campaign was designed to provide two full years of support to the types of programming outlined above. This will give the shelter a chance to build a strong foundation of programming while Friends continues to raise money and rally community support for the future.

Are there naming opportunities in the new PACC buildings for donors?

Yes! As a thank you for your campaign gift, the donor recognition plan for Your Love Saves Lives is truly special. All campaign gifts and three-year pledges of $5,000 or more can be recognized in one of the beautiful new spaces at PACC. Please contact Friends directly for more information at 520-724-5947 or Jennifer@FriendsofPACC.org.

Can I make a monthly donation or set up payments for a large gift pledge?

Yes, you can set up recurring donations on our donation page by selecting something other than "One-Time" from the Frequency field. Please contact us with any questions.

Can donations come from stock or real estate, IRAs and other retirement funds, donor advised funds, etc.? 

Absolutely! Our office can answer any of your questions and assist you with your donation from any source. Call 520-724-5947 or email Jennifer@FriendsofPACC.org.

Who can I talk to about leaving a legacy gift to Friends of PACC in my will or estate plan?

We're happy to help you with planned giving. Please contact us at 520-724-5947 or Jennifer@FriendsofPACC.org.