Rilee Needs Your Love

Rilee Topper.png

Rilee is named after the Gaelic word that means to be courageous and valiant and we think it fits her perfectly! She was found as a stray and brought to Pima Animal Care Center by a kindhearted person. Both of her front legs have deformities that make it difficult for her to get around--but she doesn't let it hold her back! She's happy, playful, and likes to explore.

She is currently living with a foster family outside of the shelter while she receives the medical care she needs to thrive. It's not yet clear what all this sweetheart will need, but with your support, Friends of PACC is dedicated to giving her specialty medical care.

You can help Rilee and other pets like her when you donate to Friends of PACC using the button below.

You can see Riley in action in the video below.

Thank you for helping Rilee and other pets like her!

Sara Wolfe Vaughan