Your Love Saves Lives: Investing in PACC's Present & Future


Every month thousands of pets arrive at the shelter or are at risk in the community.

We need your continued help to sustain this progress and save even more lives. That’s why we started Your Love Saves Lives, a $5 million dollar campaign to provide that extra bit of lifesaving love to the pets at PACC.

Contributions to PACC and Friends of PACC through individual donors and successful grants have so far amounted to over $4.2 million. That's 85% of our goal!

We're now looking to the community to raise the remaining $750,000 in the next six months. 

With the generous support of our donors we could…

·         Increase PACC’s medical staff and purchase essential medical supplies and medications so PACC veterinarians can care for all savable pets.

·         Expand PACC’s Community Support Services to protect vulnerable pets, and give owners, fosters, and adopters the resources they need to provide compassionate care as a pet guardian.

·         Enhance PACC’s Foster and Adoption Programs so that the most at-risk pets can be saved and find loving adoptive and foster homes or rescue placements.

·         Bolster PACC’s programs for shelter cats, including systematic medical monitoring, enrichment, and specialized placement for non-social cats.

·         And so much more...

While PACC’s new voter-approved shelter provides a suitable space, we must rely on private charitable support to sustain programs  like the Pet Support hotline that provides solutions and resources to help families keep their pets safe and at home. Over 8,000 callers are served monthly!

Your campaign gift is the essential key to reducing euthanasia, sustaining the programs that have helped bring PACC’s save rate to almost 90%, and saving even more lost, injured, and vulnerable pets.

On behalf of our community’s pets, thank you!

Campaign FAQs

Sara Wolfe Vaughan