Top Five Saves - #4 Wally


This is the fourth of five special saves we’re sharing through December 31st. Your support makes happy endings like these possible. Join us as we celebrate these success stories in countdown to the New Year! Remember that all donations to Friends of PACC are currently being matched. That means every dollar you give is doubled.

Wally arrived at Pima Animal Care Center as a stray. He was dirty, injured, and very congested with a severe upper respiratory infection but that did little to hide his winning personality. Wally is a total love bug and super talkative!

It was soon discovered that Wally was positive for Calicivirus in addition to having an oronasal fistula and a palate defect. Sadly, the latter was likely caused by a previous trauma to his skull. Every time Wally ate he would sneeze food out of his nose. The poor guy was a total mess.

Despite all of his challenges, Wally became a fast favorite of our volunteers who spent time cuddling and caring for him every day in his Calici isolation. Thanks to support from our community through our Your Love Saves Lives campaign, Friends of PACC was able to step up and provide the specialty surgery Wally needed to repair his palate and set him on the road to recovery.


Three surgeries later, he is finally in the clear. His third surgery included a tissue graft to repair his palate, and he’s already eating on his own--one of his favorite pastimes--so we have high hopes for his full recovery. When he first arrived at the shelter he was only 7 lbs. Today, he is 14.5 lbs.! His foster mom says he’s rambunctious and super sweet. He loves his foster brothers. You won’t meet a friendlier cat than Wally, and it’s because of your support that he had the chance to thrive.

Pets like Wally need that extra level of care that goes above and beyond. Friends is proud to partner with PACC to take care of these special pets who deserve a chance at a healthy and happy life. Please consider making a gift today in honor of Wally’s successful recovery. And remember, every dollar donated to homeless pets like Wally is currently being matched!

Sara Wolfe Vaughan