Top Five Saves - #5 Bentley


Pima Animal Care Center takes in almost 17,000 homeless pets every year. Many are sick or injured. Many have been neglected. All are orphaned. It’s only with support from donors like you that these precious pets have a chance at the happy and healthy lives they deserve. Thanks to your support of Friends of PACC, we’re saving more lives than ever before.

This is the first of five special saves we’re sharing through December 31st. Your support made these happy endings possible. Let’s celebrate these success stories together as we count down to the New Year! Be sure to stay tuned to get the scoop on these special pets.

Bentley spent four whole months at PACC before finding his new home. A handsome black and white dog with an eye-patch reminiscent of Petey from The Little Rascals, it surprised everyone that it took him so long to find his new people. Part of Bentley’s challenge, was that he  preferred the company of people over that of other dogs. The kennel life stressed him out. Even though he was walked every day by volunteers, given treats, toys, and other enrichment items, none of it was enough for Bentley. He simply had bigger dreams.

He was full of energy and thrived when out of his kennel spending time with volunteers. Bentley was spotted by our TOP Dogs team as a great candidate for their Canine Fun Camp program. This training program helps facilitate behavioral changes, build life skills, and teaches agility as a healthy outlet for canine energy. Bentley’s volunteer handler worked with him six days a week to give Bentley the attention and structure he needed to express his energy and relieve his stress.

It’s Friends of PACC projects like TOP Dogs that are working to help us save dogs in need of behavioral rehabilitation, and those who just aren’t thriving in the kennel environment. Thanks to the dedication and expertise of the TOP Dogs team, Bentley graduated Canine Fun Camp with flying colors. He is the perfect example of how specialized programming within the shelter can give more pets a chance at a happy and healthy life in a new home.

Bentley was adopted by a family with children and it couldn’t be a sweeter love story. Bentley adores his new human siblings and even joins his four year old brother in the bathtub! His new family says “ Bentley is a wonderful doggy. He’s protective of his family and loves living with us!” Bentley is very silly. If you follow us on social media you may remember his famous zoomie episode in the middle of his agility training.

Your gift to Friends of PACC helps pets like Bentley who are in need of that extra bit of love to find their way out of the shelter and into a home. When you give to Friends of PACC this holiday season your impact will be doubled by a match from a generous local couple. Help us celebrate successes like Bentley and save even more with a gift today.

Sara Wolfe Vaughan