Give Life on AZ Gives Day

April 3, 2018 - 24 Hour Day of Giving

Give life this Arizona Gives Day with a donation to Friends of Pima Animal Care Center (PACC)! Donations go directly to lifesaving programming and services for the over 16,000 animals that come through the shelter doors each year. 


You Save Lives

Milo, a sweet yellow dog, needed attention from a veterinary specialist for an awful case of skin allergies that weren’t reacting to traditional medication. He was so miserable that he barely moved except to occasionally worry at his raw skin. Friends of PACC teamed up with a veterinarian in the community to get him cutting edge medication and treatment. Today, Milo is still working on growing his fur back, but he’s wagging his tail and just wants you to play ball with him.


When Patches the cat first arrived at the shelter with her eyes barely open, staff wasn’t sure if she even had eyelids. It turned out that she did have eyelids, but they had turned inward, causing her eyelashes to grow into her eyes—a very painful condition that also made it difficult for her to see. Friends of PACC teamed up with local organization No Kill Pima County to get Patches the cryogenic surgery she needed to repair each eyelash. Today, she’s recovering in her forever home from a successful surgery that revealed her gorgeous green eyes.

Be a Friend

From specialized medical care to behavior enrichment programming, Friends of Pima Animal Care Center supports the lifesaving efforts of PACC that have made the shelter a national model of progressive programming with a 90% (and growing!) save rate.

It’s only with your support that pets like Milo and Patches were able to get the treatment they needed.

Give Life

Help us meet our goal of $17,000 on this special 24 hour giving event.

You can donate today or schedule a donation for Arizona Gives Day by clicking here.

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And be sure to tell the world why you support pets this #AZGivesDay with the hashtags: #GivetoPetsAZ and #FriendsofPACC so that we can find your giving story.

Thank you for being a friend to PACC pets!