PACC Top 10 Saves of 2017, #1 Valentine's Reunion Day

HAPPY NEW YEAR - This is our final special save of 2017. Your support made these happy endings possible. Thank you for a wonderful 2017 and your continued support in 2018!

Valentine, a Doberman Pinscher, was reported lost to PACC just one day before Valentine’s Day on Feb. 13, 2017.

Months went by with no sign of Valentine. No one knew where she was, or how she was surviving.

fo_PACC17_1000 Ten Best_Saves Valentine.png

After ten months, it seemed like Valentine was gone forever. Her owner had given up hope.

A Good Samaritan, however, spotted a black and tan female Doberman wandering Tucson near 6th Avenue and Irvington on Dec. 17. The dog was emaciated, with a lame rear right leg.

After being brought to PACC on Dec. 19, the dog was scanned, and a microchip was found. Information on the dog was obtained — amazingly, it was Valentine!

Her owner was contacted and immediately came to pick her up. She said Valentine was her “heart-dog” and that she raised her since she was a puppy.

Not only was her owner overjoyed, but Valentine was also relieved. During the reunion at PACC, Valentine leaned into her owner and closed her eyes. After months of hardship, she finally found her home.

While Valentine will require lots of care to get her back on the road to good health, being reunited with her loving family after months on her own is a good first step.

2018 is looking up for Valentine! 

This is your LAST DAY to make your year-end, tax-deductible gift to the Friends of Pima Animal Care Center so we can support more reunions like Valentine.

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Thank you and have a great New Year