Mature Mutts: Saving Senior Dogs

Mature Mutts is a project dedicated to networking older PACC dogs (7 years and older)  in the hopes of finding these special senior dogs forever homes.

Many older dogs were once loved by someone and for whatever reason they are abandoned or come in as strays to PACC traumatized after losing the only home and family they have ever known. These type of dogs often have a harder time dealing with shelter stress and need that little bit of extra tender loving care to ensure they stay mentally and physically healthy. It is our goal to ensure these older dogs find their best match and a loving home as soon as possible.

Senior dogs are often overlooked at shelters in favor of younger dogs which is a shame because older dogs still have a lot of love to give and make exceptionally loyal and faithful companions. Even if they don’t have as much energy as they did in their younger years, they can still have lots of personality and spunk and they can also be calm, understanding, relaxing, and even-tempered. Senior dogs are an excellent adoption choice for many reasons. They typically require less exercise, suffer from fewer behavioral issues, usually understand basic commands and good manners, are easily trainable, are normally potty trained, and there are no surprises because what you see is what you get. Older adopted pets seem to understand what you have done for them, and they return your kindness with unconditional love and devotion.


Sara Wolfe Vaughan