Kitten Season is Here!

Help kittens by being #kittenclever!

“Kitten Season” is the time of year when the weather warms up enough that community cats and stray cats start to have litters. This can begin as early as March and last through the summer. During the summer, Pima Animal Care Center takes in anywhere from 50-130 pets every single day. Many of these are orphaned kittens at their most vulnerable.

What should you do if you find kittens in your neighborhood?

First, check to make sure they are not in immediate danger from predators, the elements, or any existing wounds. Wait to see if the mother cat returns. This could take several hours and you should observe from a distance to avoid scaring her away. Often, the mother will leave her kittens to go hunting and will return. Kittens almost always do better when they are able to stay with their mother.

If you are sure that the kittens are in distress or have been abandoned, bring them to the shelter. Keep them warm and cozy on their way. 

If the kittens are young enough, they will need round-the-clock feeding and frequent stimulation for elimination. This kind of care, and the chance at a happy and healthy life, is only possible thanks to our foster caregivers who take these precious kittens into their homes. 

Download the handy flier below, or this informative flier, to share with your community.

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Sara Wolfe Vaughan