Lost Dog is Reunited with Family

Officer Robledo with Birdy and her family.

Officer Robledo with Birdy and her family.

Birdy had been missing for over two weeks when a kind passerby spotted her lying on her side, deep in an overgrown wash. The spotter contacted Pima Animal Care Center who immediately dispatched an officer to the scene. Officer Robledo had to hike through deep mud, weeds, and brush to get to the injured dog. After spending time to earn her trust, he was able to get her back the few miles to his truck, carrying her when needed.

The dramatic rescue was posted on PACC’s Facebook page and her owners recognized her! They had never stopped looking for Birdy, their family dog who had lived with them since she was a puppy. Although her wounds were serious she is doing much better and her family is delighted to be reunited with her.

This is just one example of the kind and compassionate acts performed by PACC’s Animal Protection Officer’s every single day. Check out her story below and catch a glimpse at the moment she was reunited with her family!

Sara Wolfe Vaughan