Lovely the Chihuahua Fights for Her Life

Calling all pet lovers, we need your help to #SaveLovely!

Lovely is a small, sweet chihuahua whose owner doused her in gasoline and set her on fire.

50% of her body is burned and, as is the nature of burns, her wounds are still progressing. She is currently at Pima Animal Care Center (PACC) and undergoing round-the-clock care from the medical team. 

Click here to donate to Lovely's medical care! #SaveLovely

Click here to donate to Lovely's medical care! #SaveLovely


We need your help to send Lovely to a specialized, 24/7 veterinary facility so that she can have the absolute best chance at survival. Pima Animal Care Center saves thousands of animals every year, but Lovely is in dire need of a specialist to assess her wounds and plan for her long-term care. 

Please donate today to help us #SaveLovely!*

Click here to read the official Pima County press release about Lovely and the charges being filed against her owner.

*All donations made for Lovely's care will be used in every effort to save her. Should the worst happen, and she leaves us, the remaining funds will be used for other urgent medical needs to help the more than 17,000 animals brought into PACC every year.

Sara Wolfe Vaughan