Campaign for Sooey successful

Photo: Michael Kloth

Photo: Michael Kloth

Sooey update November 1, 2017
Since our successful campaign earlier in October, Sooey’s surgery for both palettes is now scheduled for later this month. Thank you to those who gave to this cause. We will keep everyone updated on her progress.


Friends of PACC is committed to helping Sooey and dogs like her. You can still give to Pets with Urgent Medical Needs.


Friends of Pima Animal Care Center, or Friends of PACC, is grateful for the community's support for pets with urgent needs. Because PACC saves more pets today than ever before, our medical staff is under increasing pressure to treat a growing number of cases that are critical in nature. PACC has been working at an unsustainable pace through the entire summer and into the fall. Friends of PACC is working to support the medical team with extra hands, special medicines, contracted services, and necessary equipment, but we need your support.

Help us save Sooey!

Two months ago, one of our shelter staff began fostering Sooey, an 8-week French bulldog mix with a severe cleft palette on both soft and hard palettes. Little Sooey was only 3 pounds at the time — but after spending some QT with her foster mom, Sooey now weighs in at a whopping 10 pounds!

Poor Sooey is still having great difficulty breathing, eating, and drinking. If she drinks too fast, it will come back out of her nose and can cause aspiration pneumonia. Sooey needs surgery – maybe more than one  – to repair the cleft and possibly remove some teeth to make more room in her mouth.

Friends of PACC is committed to helping Sooey and dogs like her.

Alan S