PACC Top 10 Saves of 2017, #3 Second Chance Max

We’re down to the final three saves of 2017. Your support made these happy endings possible. Let’s celebrate these success stories together as we count down to the New Year! 

fo_PACC17_1000 Ten Best_Saves-Max.png

Max and Alex have come full circle.

Brothers rescued from a cat hoarding case in May, Alex was soon adopted by Keith and Linda. And after a brief moment of uncertainty, Alex has come out of his shell and is now one of the most loving cats they have ever had.

But Keith and Linda didn’t want to stop there. After keeping an eye on the other cats rescued in this group, he noticed that one cat, in particular, continued to show up on PACC’s website, still waiting to be adopted. It was Alex’s brother, Max. 

So earlier this month, Keith and Linda decided to go back and get Max, who was being fostered at the time by a PACC volunteer.

“Max is very shy,” said Keith. “He’s afraid of his own shadow.”

But progress has been made—he’s out more often and even though he hisses at first, Max can’t help but purr when Keith and Linda pet him and rub his ears.

“He loves to be loved.”

As for Max and Alex, they’re still working on living together again, this time in a better home. When Max runs for cover, Alex takes chase, thinking it’s a game.

But with time, Keith and Linda believe Max will settle in, just like Alex.

And when that happens, the final cat taken from the same hoarding case may have a new home, too. They want to rescue Marcus—the last of the bunch—and give him a healthy, loving home, too.  

There are just 3 days left to make your year-end, tax-deductible gift to the Friends of Pima Animal Care Center so we can continue enhancing the lives of homeless pets like Max.

And, if you make your contribution NOW it will be DOUBLED thanks to a generous donor match.

We are still short of our 2017 fundraising goal but we can get there with your help.