PACC Top 10 Saves - #6 Carl Keeps Spirits High

Continuing our countdown of the top 10 PACC saves of 2017, we share with you today a unique story - #6 Carl. Your support made happy endings such as Carl possible. A generous donor has agreed to match contributions to PACC on a dollar-for-dollar basis up to $10,000.  Please donate today and double your impact.

Carl didn’t know it at the time, but when he first came to PACC he wouldn’t just be saved himself, he would help save other animals, too.

He was brought in last April. His owner dropped him off at the counter and left without a word. But Carl had a place at PACC.

He was brought to Thamzen, PACC’s Training and Behavior Coordinator, to be used as an enrichment rat.



Many animals that spend time at PACC—whether they are rescued off the streets or surrendered by owners—have a difficult time in their new environment. Carl, however, helps ease their stress while being sheltered.

As an enrichment rat, Carl’s soiled bedding is collected and put inside or soaked with the toys and bedding of other animals at PACC. These items are then placed in kennels with cats and dogs.

Thanks to Carl, these items help reinforce the dogs and cats’ natural hunting and scenting instincts while in a kennel environment, which wouldn’t normally be possible.

Why is this important? Allowing these animals to act out their natural behaviors helps reduce anxiety, which increases their likelihood of finding their forever homes.

Carl is the gift that keeps on giving for animals at PACC. Plus, Carl is stress-free himself! He spends his days hanging out in Thamzen’s office, often riding on her shoulder as her official assistant!

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