PACC Top 10 Saves of 2017: #9 Hoggles Heros

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It’s not a common sight in central Tucson—a pig, seemingly lost, wandering dangerously into heavy traffic. But earlier this year, a small black pig named Hoggle found himself in this very situation.

Luckily for Hoggle, a Good Samaritan spotted him in the roadway and wrangled him to safety, taking him home and contacting PACC for assistance.

Cynthia Stella in Pet Support at PACC has expertise in all types of animals—including pigs. She answered the call for help and traveled to Hoggle’s location, keeping him overnight until his owner could be located.

While his owner was relieved to know he was okay and anxious to be reunited, Hoggle’s time with PACC wasn’t quite over.

Cynthia took him to the vet to make sure he was in good health when it was discovered that he had unilateral cryptorchidism; this undescended testicle would make his neuter surgery not only complicated but also very expensive.

Hoggle’s owner just couldn’t afford the medical expense.

PACC, however, works closely with businesses that offer grants to support its efforts, including PetSmart Charities. Hoggle’s surgery was able to move forward thanks to the Keeping Pets & Families Together grant.

Today, Hoggle is back home, fully recovered from his surgery. Thanks to this procedure—and the financial support from PetSmart Charities—Hoggle’s general health is improved, and he is less interested in getting out and roaming the neighborhood, and its busy streets!

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