Five Reasons to Foster a Shelter Pet

Increase Shelter Resources
When you foster a pet, you open up more space and resources at the shelter to help the next pet. With nearly 17,000 homeless, neglected, and abused pets coming into PACC each year, freeing up kennel space is essential. 

(Short) Time Commitment
Fostering is usually a temporary situation and can last anywhere from a few days to several months depending on the specific situation of the pet being fostered. This allows folks who need flexibility in their schedules to help pets without making a lifetime commitment. 

Socialize & Train
Pets in homes have more chances to socialize with lots of different people, and even other animals. This helps them de-stress from the shelter environment and can even lead to them learning basic obedience and tricks. 

Be Their Voice
When you foster a pet in need you get to learn how they behave in a home environment and in a variety of other situations. Sometimes pets are so stressed in the shelter that we don't see their true personalities. It takes a break from the shelter environment for them to open up and tell us who they are. As a foster parent, you get to discover a pet's true personality and share it with the world! 

You Save Live - More Than One
Fostering a pet gives that pet a greater chance at getting adopted and ultimately helps save more lives because it opens up more space in the shelter. For every animal you foster, think of the room being made for the next one that needs the safety of the shelter.