Saving parvo puppies at PACC

The first program graduates. Photo: Michael Kloth.

The first program graduates. Photo: Michael Kloth.

Parvo Pups – With the help of Friends (like you) of PACC, we saved dozens of puppies with Parvovirus this summer — thank you!

Parvo, which is preventable by a relatively inexpensive vaccine, is a highly contagious virus that causes diarrhea, vomiting and dehydration. Without prompt treatment, it is deadly. In past years, PACC has not had the isolation space, medical supplies, or manpower they needed to save these puppies, who require several days of fluids, anti-nausea injections and antibiotics.

You made it possible for us to donate $10,000 of fluids and medications for PACC to start a foster-based treatment program. Because of PACC’s dedicated foster parents, its hardworking staff, and supporters like you, more than 40 puppies have been saved!

In almost all of PACC’s history, these sick but savable dogs were put to sleep. Our partners in the rescue community have saved many sick dogs using their own resources, but they can’t continue to carry that entire burden. We are so glad that our shelter can finally give puppies like this a chance.

Alan S