We're Hiring: Critical Care Technician - Cats


The Friends of PACC is looking to immediately hire a Critical Care Technician for Cats at Pima Animal Care Center. This team member will work 30 hours each week caring for some of our most vulnerable homeless cats. This limited term position does not offer benefits. Some weekend and evening hours are required. We are hiring immediately and offer flexibility in schedules and a fun, fast-paced work environment.  

Critical Care Technician – Cats (Friends of PACC)

30 hr/wk - $15/Hr


Purpose: The Critical Care Technician (CCT) is responsible for maintaining quality care for the cats housed in our medical isolation wards. These areas include the URI, Calicivirus, Ringworm, and Cat ICU areas. Other isolation wards may be created as needed to contain outbreaks.

The ideal candidate will be able to learn and demonstrate strong cat handling and caregiving skills for cats of challenging temperaments, cats undergoing medical treatment, and cats requiring advanced levels of care. The candidate should work at a self-directed pace and effectively communicate with others in person, over the phone, and through email. The ideal candidate will have experience in cat handling/care, administering medications (oral and injectable), knowledge of common feline health conditions, knowledge of cat behavior, and customer service; or be an enthusiastic worker who is highly organized, ambitious, a quick learner, and passionate about helping homeless pets.


Reporting: This position reports directly to the Cat Programs Coordinator, and will work closely with other members of the Cat Programs Team, including care and adoption staff. The CCT will also work with the Clinic Coordinator, veterinarians, and vet techs at Pima Animal Care Center.


Job Responsibilities:  

·         Cat Isolation Ward Responsibilities:

o   Provide daily care, including food, medication, enrichment, and wellness exams for all cats residing in Isolation wards, with emphasis on critical care, severe illness or behavior challenges, hospice, communicable disease, sanitation protocols, and cats requiring close monitoring of health.

o   Communicate the status and needs of Isolation cats with Cat Program staff, Foster/Rescue staff, and Medical Clinic staff as appropriate.

o   Assist with movement of Isolation cats into other areas as health or behavior status changes.

o   Adhere to PACC SOPs regarding illness, disease, and sanitation

o   Assist Cat Programs, Adoption, and Foster Team staff in counseling potential adopters/fosters of cats with medical issues, as needed

o   Monitor and maintain records for each cat in Chameleon software system

·         Other Responsibilities:

o   Adherence to PACC’s Workplace Culture Agreement

o   Represents Friends of Pima Animal Care Center/Pima Animal Care Center in a positive light

o   Train and retain volunteers to help with all aspects of the job

o   Assist clinic staff in performing cat exams and treatments as appropriate and as time permits

Minimum Qualifications:

●        Must be able to work in a high volume, fast paced, high stress environment. Self-motivated, great attitude, team-oriented a must.

●        Give injections SQ, IM, IV, and draw blood, or quickly learn how to perform these duties.

●        Working knowledge of standard feline illnesses and medications.

●        Weekend availability required

●        Own transport required with valid driving license

●        Working knowledge of cat handling and behavior, including cats or challenging temperaments and with severe health conditions

●        Ability to handle cats safely and with kindness at all times, without exception

●        Ability to operate Microsoft Office and learn other software programs quickly

TO APPLY: Send your cover letter and resume to info@friendsofpacc.org with CRITICAL CARE TECH in the subject. Position will be open until filled. Those with the highest qualifications will be contacted for a working interview at Pima Animal Care Center.



Sara Wolfe Vaughan