Recognizing Our Visionary Supporter, Bonnie Kay!

Bonnie gets AFP award!

Bonnie Kay (in red) is an unwavering champion of PACC pets’ needs.

In recognition of her outstanding support of Pima Animal Care Center’s pets, we honored Bonnie Kay with a Spirit of Philanthropy Award at the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ Philanthropy Day luncheon on Nov. 19.

We wanted to honor Bonnie because her giving is not only extremely generous, it is strategic and visionary.

Bonnie doesn’t just give in response to a request; she really takes the time to learn about our pets’ needs, and our organization’s opportunities for growth. She contributes her own ideas, and she often brings us success stories from other areas of the country. She understands that the nature of animal welfare often means shelters like PACC face emergency or unexpected needs. She helps us make smart decisions, and she provides resources quickly to keep small problems from becoming big problems in our shelter.

Bonnie is also a true “catvocate” who recognizes that felines tend to receive far fewer resources than dogs in most shelter situations. As such, she immediately supported PACC’s trap-neuter-return program, which has helped take our community shelter to “no-kill” status for cats in just over one year.

Last year, Bonnie also noticed that PACC was facing deep staffing shortages and a county hiring freeze, so she made a visionary gift to the Friends so we could hire four part-time workers to help the shelter. By providing PACC with skilled staffers who are helping to save thousands more lives each year, Bonnie has kept PACC proactive in its progressive sheltering techniques.

We extend our deep gratitude to our visionary supporter, Bonnie Kay.