You just helped save more than 60 PACC pets!


KARTER - surgery2Pima Animal Care Center recently reached out to let us know they were overcrowded, understaffed and in desperate need of veterinarian help. YOUR support made it possible for us to bring in a skilled veterinarian to spay and neuter 60 pets and give second chances to dozens more!

May marks a short-term staffing crunch for PACC, which is struggling under the county-wide hiring freeze brought on by state budget cuts. May is also one of the busiest intake months at our community’s only open-admission shelter. Its staff and volunteers are caring for more than 1,000 dogs, cats, puppies and kittens between its shelter and foster homes.

Paige and LarmieHelp is on the horizon, as PACC has an amazing new shelter vet joining its team on June 1. But in the meantime, Dr. Jennifer Wilcox and the animals need our help. Thanks to your donations, we were able to hire the tireless and talented Dr. Karter Neal, of Santa Cruz Veterinary Clinic, to perform spay and neuter surgeries on Saturday. Not only did she alter 60 PACC pets, she did two dentals, fixed one cherry eye and amputated a dog’s horribly injured leg, too. And she and her team of staff and volunteers did it all with a smile.

Having this spay-and-neuter help means Dr. Wilcox has more time this week to care for our sick and injured shelter pets, who are coming non-stop into our doors.

Thank you for helping us to serve as a safety net for our community’s most at-risk pets. When you give to us, you can know you’ll make a huge difference for pets in need. Thank you, friends!