Gift of behavioral training makes difference in lives of severely neglected dogs


ThanTraining - for webks to a generous donor, Pima Animal Care Center was able to find loving, permanent homes for nearly a dozen dogs who otherwise wouldn’t have had that second chance at security and love.

A $5,200 gift to the Friends of Pima Animal Care Center allowed the shelter to hire behavioral trainers to work with severely under-socialized dogs that were among 38 dogs rescued from a horrible hoarding situation over the Jan. 17 weekend.

A one-month pilot project allowed Sol DOG Canine Services to work with about a dozen of the dogs who were not aggressive, but who were so fearful and shy that they wouldn’t be good candidates for adoption.

With 24,000 pets coming to Pima Animal Care Center each year, and with increasing medical demands, the shelter has not had the resources in the past to provide training for dogs with behavioral problems.

The project, which relied exclusively on positive reinforcement methods and allowed trainers to work with the dogs six days a week, was a clear success, said Justin Gallick, the live release manager at Pima Animal Care Center.

“We always thought that training would provide the next breakthrough in saving more lives, but we couldn’t be certain until we had a chance to test the outcomes,” Gallick said. “This project was a powerful opportunity to demonstrate that training time can make a difference.”

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