Thank You For Helping Roo Roll!

roo-cart-at-paccRoo,a spunky and sweet Chihuahua born without front legs, was one of 40 small dogs Pima Animal Care Center rescued from a hoarding house on Sept. 4. Thanks to your tremendous support, we not only raised enough funds for Roo’s wheelchair and surgery, we will have extra dollars to help PACC save special-needs pets like her.

Thanks to all of you who helped PACC save Roo, including the John M. Simpson Foundation, which offered a generous $5,000 match.

If you would like to help PACC keep saving pets like Roo, please consider making a tax-deductible donation here. Your gift will be DOUBLED by our generous friend Bonnie Kay!

Saving Parvo Puppies at PACC!

Two of the first program graduates.

Two of the first program graduates, pictured by Michael Kloth.

You helped PACC save dozens of puppies with Parvovirus this summer — thank you!

Parvo, which is preventable by a relatively inexpensive vaccine, is a highly contagious virus that causes diarrhea, vomiting and dehydration. Without prompt treatment, it is deadly. In past years, PACC has not had the isolation space, medical supplies or manpower they needed to save these puppies, who require several days of fluids, anti-nausea injections and antibiotics.

You made it possible for us to donate $10,000 of fluids and medications for PACC to start a foster-based treatment program. Because of PACC’s dedicated foster parents, its hardworking staff, and supporters like you, more than 40 puppies have been saved!

“In almost all of PACC’s history, these sick but savable dogs were put to sleep,” said Justin Gallick, PACC’s director of community engagement. “Our partners in the rescue community have saved many sick dogs using their own resources, but they can’t continue to carry that entire burden. We are so glad that our shelter can finally give puppies like this a chance.

Thank You for Making PACC’s Gives Day Great!

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You amazed us with your generosity on Arizona Gives Day. Because of your support, we not only met the generous matches offered by Bonnie Kay and the John M. Simpson Foundation, we beat them. That means we can order the three pieces of medical equipment that PACC’s doctors desperately need (you can learn more here). We can also be there to help them when other needs strike, thanks to you!

Thank you for supporting PACC’s tireless efforts to save our community’s neediest pets. We appreciate you!

How You’ve Helped Save 200 Pets!

Last year, on Arizona Gives Day, more than 300 friends of PACC supported our efforts to purchase a dental x-ray machine for our county shelter. Since then, you’ve helped PACC save the lives of nearly 200 dogs and cats — many of them seniors — who needed extensive dental work.

Here’s Dr. Jen Wilcox, PACC’s head veterinarian, on the huge difference you’ve made:

Thank you for making a difference for the pets in our community who need our help the most!

You Are Heroes for PACC Pets!

In May, Sunny was found hanging by a rope at Kino Sports Complex. Sunny was released for adoption and adopted in June.

You help PACC save pets like Sunny, #1 in our Top 10 Saves of 2015.

You have astounded us with your compassion, advocacy and generosity.

When we started sharing our Top 10 Saves of 2015, we weren’t sure what to expect. We knew that three amazing donors — the John M. Simpson Foundation, the Bruce Family Foundation and Phi Delta Theta Fraternity at UA — had stepped up to match all gifts, up to $15,000. What we did not now was how YOU would not only meet that match for our pets, but beat it. Thank you.

Because of your support, we will continue to serve as a lifeline for PACC pets in 2016. Because of you, we will continue to provide PACC’s outstanding veterinarians with the tools they need to do their jobs. Because of you, we will continue to help our community’s only shelter that never turns away a pet in need stay strong for the pets.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

We’re Helping Scared Dogs Cope and Find Families

Dr. Karyn Carlson with one of the first dogs who benefited from our Trazodone medication donation. When this injured dog came in, she could not be touched and tried to bite. After a few days of TLC and Trazodone, she gave kisses to the doctor.

Dr. Karyn Carlson with one of the first dogs who benefited from our Trazodone  donation. When this injured dog came in, she could not be touched. After a few days of TLC and Trazodone, she gave kisses to the doctor.

Soon after she started working for Pima Animal Care Center this summer, Dr. Karyn Carlson came to us with an urgent request. She’d noticed many dogs who were exceptionally stressed in PACC’s old and overcrowded shelter, and she suspected that Trazodone, a gentle anti-anxiety aid that she’d prescribed to dogs in other settings, could help many of them cope.

“PACC veterinarians have no inexpensive and DEA uncontrolled medications available for alleviating extreme levels of fear, phobia and anxiety-related behavior in dogs,” Dr. Carlson told us in her grant request.

With support from friends like you, we were able to grant PACC a 3-month supply of Trazodone, a medication that the county could not currently buy. Dr. Carlson tells us the gift is helping the shelter save the lives of dogs who are showing signs of stress like self-injury, attempted biting and storm anxiety.

In the vast majority of cases, Dr. Carlson said, these dogs don’t exhibit these anxious behaviors once they are out of the shelter. But if they are showing these behaviors when they are in the shelter, it greatly decreases their chances of being adopted.

“Trazodone just helps the dogs not feel like the walls are closing in on them,” Dr. Carlson explained.

The donation has helped PACC treat the anxiety of close to 100 dogs, many of whom have already found loving families.

One such dog is Honey, below, a young Greyhound / Pit Bull mix whose first family surrendered her to PACC due to their allergies. When we first met Honey, she was cowering in the back of her kennel. After Dr. Carlson put her on a Trazodone regimen, Honey began to come out of her shell.

honey collage for WP

We helped PACC doctors treat Honey’s anxiety. Photos by Michael Kloth Photography.

Honey eventually caught the attention of Linda B., an Oro Valley resident who took Honey home. On her first night home, Linda gave Honey one calming Trazodone dose to help her settle in.

After that, Linda said, Honey didn’t need the medication, as she adjusted perfectly to life outside of the shelter — just like Dr. Carlson predicted.

“Thank you so much,” Linda said. “I really love this animal.”

Today Dr. Carlson said the Medical Team is working with PACC volunteers to identify other dogs who might need a little help weathering shelter stress.

“The Trazodone pilot is going great,” Dr. Carlson tells us. “Our dogs seem to be responding very well to it, and we have several long-termers on it.”

oakland - 527038 adopted

Oakland’s stress lessened and he found a family.

Dr. Carlson cited the case of Oakland (right). A 2-year-old Pit Bull mix, Oakland came to PACC in July, after one of the shelter’s Animal Care Officers rescued him from a backyard where he was being kept without food or water. He was very thin, and the Medical Team helped bring him back to health.

“He was here for 2 months. About a month into his stay, he became very reactive at people walking by,” Dr. Carlson said. “We started him on Trazodone and he would then calmly approach the kennel door wagging when people stopped to look at him…..shortly thereafter, he got adopted!”

Oakland’s is just one of dozens of happy endings made possible by your generosity.

In the words of Dr. Carlson: “Thank you Friends of PACC!!”

Recognizing Our Visionary Supporter, Bonnie Kay!

Bonnie gets AFP award!

Bonnie Kay (in red) is an unwavering champion of PACC pets’ needs.

In recognition of her outstanding support of Pima Animal Care Center’s pets, we honored Bonnie Kay with a Spirit of Philanthropy Award at the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ Philanthropy Day luncheon on Nov. 19.

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You just helped save more than 60 PACC pets!

KARTER - surgery2Pima Animal Care Center recently reached out to let us know they were overcrowded, understaffed and in desperate need of veterinarian help. YOUR support made it possible for us to bring in a skilled veterinarian to spay and neuter 60 pets and give second chances to dozens more!

May marks a short-term staffing crunch for PACC, which is struggling under the county-wide hiring freeze brought on by state budget cuts. May is also one of the busiest intake months at our community’s only open-admission shelter. Its staff and volunteers are caring for more than 1,000 dogs, cats, puppies and kittens between its shelter and foster homes.

Paige and LarmieHelp is on the horizon, as PACC has an amazing new shelter vet joining its team on June 1. But in the meantime, Dr. Jennifer Wilcox and the animals need our help. Thanks to your donations, we were able to hire the tireless and talented Dr. Karter Neal, of Santa Cruz Veterinary Clinic, to perform spay and neuter surgeries on Saturday. Not only did she alter 60 PACC pets, she did two dentals, fixed one cherry eye and amputated a dog’s horribly injured leg, too. And she and her team of staff and volunteers did it all with a smile.

Having this spay-and-neuter help means Dr. Wilcox has more time this week to care for our sick and injured shelter pets, who are coming non-stop into our doors.

Thank you for helping us to serve as a safety net for our community’s most at-risk pets. When you give to us, you can know you’ll make a huge difference for pets in need. Thank you, friends!

Gift of behavioral training makes difference in lives of severely neglected dogs

ThanTraining - for webks to a generous donor, Pima Animal Care Center was able to find loving, permanent homes for nearly a dozen dogs who otherwise wouldn’t have had that second chance at security and love.

A $5,200 gift to the Friends of Pima Animal Care Center allowed the shelter to hire behavioral trainers to work with severely under-socialized dogs that were among 38 dogs rescued from a horrible hoarding situation over the Jan. 17 weekend.

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Update: Your Gives Day gifts are already saving lives!

puppies for blogOn Arizona Gives Day, you went above and beyond for Pima Animal Care Center’s pets by donating $12,000 more than what we needed to order a dental x-ray machine.

While the x-ray machine should arrive within just a few short weeks, your extra generosity couldn’t have come at a better time, because last Friday, PACC called us to say they had run out of parvo and giardia tests.

“We are crippled without them,” PACC’s Director of Veterinary Services, Dr. Jennifer Wilcox, told us.

Because of your support, we were able to immediately allocate more than $2,000 of your Gives Day gifts toward ordering two weeks’ worth of the important diagnostic tests.

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